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Manual Handling Awareness Training

amimated loads loading_pallettspinal cord and disc

Manual handling awareness training is designed for those personnel who undertake manual handling activities at work.  This probably covers every employer and employee in the workplace. The aim of this training is to make individuals more aware of what they can lift, put down, push or pull so that it can reduce numerous injuries.  The main injuries from manual handling are Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSD's) upper and lower.  Further to this, it makes the individual more aware of their limitations and surroundings which accumalates in safer working practices.

What is Manual Handling?

"Any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down. pushing, pulling, carrying or moving there of) by hand or bodily force".

What are MSD's?

Muscular Skeletal Disorders are injuries to the back including the spinal column and the upper/lower limbs. This includes damage to the vertabra discs, ligaments & tendons, fractures, dislocations, muscles injuries and hernias. The problem with this type of injury is that it could be long term.

.What can cause MSD?

Handling and Lifting                      

manual handling lifting 

Push and Pull

manual handling pushing and pulling


repetition and sitting for long periods of time


sitting in awkward position and posture

Course Content:

box logo Manual Handling Regulations
box logo MSD's Statistics
box logo Kind of Accidents
box logo Biomechanics & Ergonomics
box logo Principles of Safe Handling

Course Duration: 4 hours.

box logo On successfully passing learners will be awarded a Manual Handling certificate which is valid for 3 years subject to annual refresher training.

Price per student: £ 45.00 (GBP).

Price per group: £ POA (Max 12).  Discounts apply.