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As a biker, you've experienced the enjoyment and freedom that comes with riding a motorbike. Thinking about giving life saving medical treatment to a fallen biker, probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you get your bike out of the garage for the first time or when you’ve passed your test.

Yet, being able to save anothers life or even your own is quite possibly the most important thing you should consider. For many years, the emergency services have learnt the hard way when it comes to bikers. Too many bikers have lost their lives after medical assistance has been late in being administered. By being there and offering the basic vital first steps of treatment you really could save a life.

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The Emergency First Aid for Motorcycle (EFAM) version 1 course was launched in January 2011 and has been specifically designed for motorcyclists at all levels in consultation & trialing with West Mercia Police, ROSPA, IAM and other motorcycle riders.  During this one day course the rider will learn how to treat themselves if needed and give first aid assistance to a fellow rider if required. During the course you will learn relevant skills such as scene management, how to deal with suspected spinal injuries and helmet removal. This course will give you the skills and confidence to help someone in an emergency. Learn to a save life. From January 2017 our new Version 2 EFAM course has been launched. Version 2 includes scene management in depth, AED awareness, dealing with catastrophic bleeding using tourniquets and haemostatic agents.

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Course content:

motorcycle helmet logo Safety - A small word that we take for granted. Learn how to look after yourself, your casualties, other drivers and bystanders.

motorcycle helmet logo Scene Management - When an accident occurs how do we secure the scene. We may be riding on a straight A/B road, negotiating a roundabout or even approaching a left/right hand bend. Different road layouts requires different procedures. If we ride in a group who is responsible and accountable for the overall group? What about the Safety Briefing? Has the Risk Assessment been completed? What items do we need to carry to protect us? This is a lesson that every rider and pillion needs to know, because you may be called upon to assist whether it is traffic control, calling for help or administering first aid.

Example of an Admin Order/Safety Brief. EFAM Rideout Admin Order

Example of a Rideout Risk Assessment. Risk Assessment Rideout

motorcycle helmet logo Primary assessment - We are in a high risk environment where danger is present, how we assess a rider or pillion is going to be different due to external pressures. But what are these pressures? You definitely need to think "outside the box" in this situation.

motorcycle helmet logo Secondary assessment - Trying to find and treat injuries sometimes can be difficult due to clothing. Imagine the difficulties that you encounted when the injured party is a fully clothed motorcyclist). Just think how much blood could be consealed within a textile jacket.

motorcycle helmet logo Triage & Helmet removal - This is a contentious issue involving helmet removal. A motorcyclist who is breathing, leave motorcycle helmet on and treat accordingly. A motorcyclist who is not breathing, you may need to remove his helmet.  However, it takes 2 people to remove a helmet and only carryout this procedure if you have had suitable training in helmet removal. By attending this course you will learn how to remove a helmet correctly.

motorcycle helmet logo CPR & AED- How to combine chest compressions with breathing and using an AED.

motorcycle helmet logo Spinal Injuries - Learn how to treat a rider or pillion that has a suspected neck or back injury.

motorcycle helmet logo Fractures - 270 bones at birth – this total decreases to 206 bones by adulthood after some bones have fused together. Its not the amount of bones in the human body which is a problem, it is the stabilising and treatment of the injured party.

motorcycle helmet logo Wounds and Bleeding including catastrophic bleeding - Due to the advancement of medical science and procedures we now have tourniquets and Haemostatic Agents to stop major bleeding. Bleeding is a major cause of death at a scene of any accident. Learn how to use these items correctly.

We teach this course Locally and Nationally, so if there is a group of riders that would like to be trained in motorcycle first aid then get in touch.

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Price per individual student Local: £65.00 (GBP).

Rider/Pillion or Rider & Rider £50.00.   

Price per group National: £ Price On Application (max 16).  Discounts apply to larger groups.

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motorcycle helmet logo On successfully passing the motorcyclist first aid course you will be given a pin badge on the day to wear with pride.  There is also a cloth badge available to purchase.

Remember the 5 Point Plan: http://www.thebikerguide.co.uk/motorcyclenews/read_162965/an-article-on-first-aid.html

Testimonials of riders and and pillions who has attended this course.

Review 1 - Interestingly, we were on a ride out yesterday (Sunday) over to the dealership in Uppingham and at our coffee stop we were saying how much we enjoyed the course with a view that it's good to know these things but we all hoped it was something you would not find yourself in a position to need to deliver.  On the ride back, I was at the tail end of the group having been separated by many sets of lights etc. and we came upon an RTA which had just happened.  I found a safe place to pull over and our chapter director stopped with me as he was riding sweep.  I checked with the people involved if there were any casualties and was told there wasn't any and an off duty policeman was managing the scene. 

If I hadn't taken the training on Saturday, I wouldn't have had the confidence to stop and ask if any assistance was needed.  Thanks to your training, I felt that I had left the scene in good hands and that the occupants of the two cars were all o.k. and not in need of any immediate medical assistance.

Claire Kinsella Harley Davidson Group, Birmingham.


Review 2 - Great course. Very instructive. Kelvin is a competent teacher and puts you at ease. Being disabled did cause me a few problems but Kelvin adjusted his teaching method for me amongst an able bodied group to allow me to fulfill all the criteria needed to pass. Looking forward to refreshing it next year.

Val C, Shropshire


Review 3 - I've done several Workplace first aid courses over the years, some focusing in certain areas, i.e. Knife wounds, Drug abuse ect so had an idea of what to expect and initially thought of it as a 'refresher course'. As this course had a Motorcycling bias to it I enrolled my 15yr old son also as he rode pillion and was then, soon to be riding his own moped. The course itself had excellent content and was delivered in a way that kept it interesting and fun, drawing people in by using their real world experiences as examples. We covered some areas I had done many times before, but it was presented in such a way it felt 'new', the motorcycling element was a new one on me and I felt it was valuable knowledge to have. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course on the day and as I knew more than half the enrolees from my circle of 'biker mates' I can state that, that was genuinely the consensus of the group afterwards also. So, all in all, an enjoyable educational experience that was worth every penny of the course fee. Oh, and the biscuits were good quality as well ! I would recommend this course to anyone who rides a bike or travels pillion and if you've already done other First Aid courses, believe me, you will learn something new!

Lee G, Sedgley, WMids


Review 4 - Everyone lived today..... excellent and well done to you.. Kelvin and Mary for the buffet. Attention to detail 10/10.

Well done to the 15 members of Birmingham HOG Chapter who attended The Emergency First Aid for Motorcycle (EFAM) course which has been specifically designed for motorcyclist today provided by KJ Training Solutions at Market Drayton. A day out of your weekend and clearly demonstrates the Chapter's and each of yours commitment to road safety. Please wear you pin badges and patches with pride.

Roy R, Birmingham