KJ Training Solutions Privacy Policy

Welcome to www.kjtrainingsolutions.co.uk (KJTS).  Privacy of its users is extremely important to us. We do everything we can to ensure that you and your trust in our company, will not be violated.

We will never sell your name and e-mail address to an outside party. We will never provide or sell personally-identifiable information to third parties or mass marketers without your consent. Occasionally we may gather information about our website users through visitor statistics, surveys and polls. We use this information to better serve our visitors, customers and participants - at our website and in our offline events.

KJTS reserves the right to provide personally-identifiable information to government or law enforcement officials if we feel a breach in the law, rule, security or the safety of other users has been made.

At KJTS we are diligent about ensuring that personal and financial information, submitted through financial/ecommerce transactions through our site, are performed with the highest standards in security and privacy in mind. We use the latest, industry-standard software, servers and technologies available to ensure your safety, privacy and peace of mind.

If you have questions or concerns regarding privacy on our site, please contact us via our contact form or on the telephone numbers above.